The Vision


Mrs. Mini James Veeramala

San Franscisco


In the seventh year of the third millennium of the Age of Grace the vision came to one of the members of the Royal Priesthood in the Tribe of Redeemed as follows:


JCB and Bull dozers ran helter skelter, leveling out, breaking down, cutting down all that was visible creating an atmosphere of resounding noise, I was in the spirit.  The spirit took be in the Spirit to the Valley of Kerala and stood me up at the slope of a hill.  I looked up and behold there was all these skyscrapers, resorts, gardens and all the tribes of the redeemed, those who live in these luxury palaces.  Therein also was the sight of the skeleton figures of moving hither and thither.  I saw these figures that lost all hope, all future and all direction begging for a drop of water to quench their thirst, a bit of crust to pacify the hunger and a foot of cloth to cover their nakedness.


I remembered the verse that said, “To those who have will be given more, and to those who does not have will be taken away even that they have”. 


And I raised my eye to the mountains with that comfort, when the Spirit asked me,
“O redeemed, will these bones live?” 


I replied to the Spirit,

“What type of question is this O Spirit? 
What is the difference whether they live of die? 
We sought the Kingdom and its righteousness first and we got all these.  
These are all the results of a long period of labor of love with our  hands
There were the hands that were red, blue, yellow, green and white like mine.”


And again the Spirit told me, “Redeemed, Shall I breathe the breath of life on these skeletons that may live.”


I retorted, “O Spirit, don’t do anything that is unscrupulous. 
That will be some sort of boot legging.  Will it be suitable to start unrest among the sheep whom you have made to lie down in green pastures and whom you have led beside the still waters?   We have taken the great commission to go even unto the ends of the earth and be your witnesses.  Did we not build all these even to reach the heavens?  It is therefore necessary that these stand up high and proclaim your majesty.  Is it not the law of nature that the decay and death of one brings forth life and prosperity in others? 
Is that not the law?”


The Spirit begged,  "Let this skeleton beings live. 

Have I not promised that I will not forget them, even if their mothers forget?”


 “What is in a promise?” I explained. “We promise, then we negate that promise, then we assert the opposite, then we assert again and even say with an oath that we never said anything like that in all our life.  That is the type of people we are.  So what is the relevance of an age old promise that you gave.  Even if we allow that, how can it happen now?  Who is responsible for all these?  There is no beginning or end if we start thinking about those things.  Suppose we don’t even think about it….?


The Spirit retorted, “No.  These will live.  You should decide to do that.  You should revive them back to life.  You should support them; you should caress them back to life in love.”


“O Spirit, don’t say anything stupid like that.  Sympathy is never a cure for anything.  Long time ago one foolish Zachias offered to  gave back four times what he collected without reason.  We can’t do that now.  We and our forefathers have the long history of returning with ten times what we started with.  Actually, we have nothing of ourselves now really.  We are really poorer than these poor.  You have promised that if we give anything in your name you will return a hundred fold.  Was that all a worthless talk?  I thought these were the result of that promise.  Won’t your people who work for you  not be a shame for you?  It will only show how weak you are.  Can we start selling steel needles in an iron shop?


It appeared that the form of the Spirit began to change.  The Spirit took Form. It got the shape of a face, the body and organs.  The face of the Spirit began to change into red and became wild.  In His hand was a lash.  He raised his lash against me and cried with a loud noise.  “Go from my face, right now.”


I lost all courage and began to run. I ran and ran until my legs hit on a rock and fell flat down and began to roll.  I rolled and rolled and fell into a large pit.  I cried aloud and woke up.  I opened my eyes and found myself among my brethren worshipping with me.  I repeated again and again, Be sensible and vigilant, because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone he may devour”. I said the prayer, “Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from the evil one” and joined the rest of the redeemed in prayer.


Did you know

...that a child dies from poverty every 3 seconds - that's 30,000 children each and every day?
India has a quarter of the world's poor - more than any other country?
  ...that in
India, 350 million people live on less the 55p a day?
India has an estimated 18 million street children?
  ...that millions more are not in school and are involved in child labour, spending the day on the streets begging and the nights sleeping at the side of the road or on railway platforms?