CHAPTER ONE:  THE EDEN STORY                                                                                          


CHAPTER TWO:  SHEOL & GEHENNA                                                                                                                                                             

CHAPTER THREE: GAN EDEN - PARADISE                                                                            


CHAPTER FOUR:  G'MUL - KARMA ; GILGULIM - REINCARNATION                                          


CHAPTER FIVE:  ZORASTRIAN INFLUENCE                                                                                     


CHAPTER SIX:   JEWISH TWO AGE MODEL                                                                                       


CHAPTER SEVEN:  THE CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE OF HELL                                                             


CHAPTER EIGHT: HELL FIRE IS A PURIFYING FIRE FOR THE SPIRIT                                        


CHAPTER NINE:  THE HARROWING OF HELL                                                                                  


CHAPTER TEN:  CAN HEAVEN AND HELL BE ETERNAL?                                                            


CHAPTER ELEVEN: BEHOLD I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW                                                  






Heaven and Hell developed through history in all religions and probably did influence each other. There is a confusing conglomeration of sytems, theologies and doctrines not only varying between religions but also within Christianity and that claiming credence based on sola scriptora - only the scriptures.


This is an attempt to make sense out of the basic doctrine in Judeo-Christian on Heaven and Hells. I used plural because there appears to be a number of hells. What then is the purpose of these hells and for that matter heaven?  The theology of these should be based on the purpose of their existence.  I feel it should be based on the relation between man and God.  This relation starts with creation of Adam and Eve and the story of the eviction of Adam and Eve from Eden.  Eden remains the Paradise to which Adam and Eve and all Adamic race are to return to - at least according to major Christian Churches.  Others call it Heaven. Man is complete only when he is back in the Garden with a physical body - a resurrected body and that a glorified body with much more dimensions than jus the three dimension of space and that goes from glory to glory instead of from order to disorder and death.  


Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden.  However the reason for the eviction of Adam and Eve is often represented as the action of an angry God because this creature disobeyed the creator.  But I saw a totally different picture.  It was the love of a father to his children that led that event - lest they eat of the fruit of the tree of Life and live eternally in the self centered state as a demon. (See my book - "The Love That Will Not Let Me Go".) It was with the hope that the babies who in their keen inquisitive nature tread the unknown.  Death was granted in love so that they could one day be restored to the family and be part of the Elohim through Theosis. 


However it appears that the interpreters of the Bible created three different pictures in the relation with Man and God in understanding the process of this return.  

1) God-man relationship is a relation of a King to his subject.  He will punish and torture those who violate his laws. All for the glory of the King. You dare to disobey me?
2) God-man relationship is a relationship between a Tribal Chief to a member of another tribe at war with them.  If they are caught within the territory, the Chief will take them to a riverbed and cut off their neck. 

2) God man relationship is a Father to Son relationship and God is Love and Love never fails.  The father is waiting in pain to see his sons come home.  

This is the story of heaven and hell.  A story of hope- a way of pain and suffering of the Father for the lost son.  He made his own hell, and he will have to make his own choice to return home.  The way is open through the cross where the father broke his heart and bled. The highway to heaven is open through the body of the resurrected Jesus, the first born. Will all be saved?


Prof. M.M.Ninan

April 2018