PROF. M. M. Ninan



CHAPTER ONE:    FAMILY OF MOTHER TERESA                                                       


CHAPTER THREE:  SISTER MARY TERESA I.B.V.M                                                             

CHAPTER FOUR:   MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY                                                        

CHAPTER FIVE:          KALIGHAT HOME                                                                      

CHAPTER SIX:           MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY GO GLOBAL                           

CHAPTER SEVEN:  THE FAMILY MOTHER TERESA FOUNDED                                       

CHAPTER EIGHT:     DEATH AND BEATIFICATION                                                            

CHAPTER NINE:        DARK NIGHTS OF THE SOUL                                                   

CHAPTER TEN:                   THEOLOGY OF ST.TERESA                                                       

TIME LINE                                                                                                                            






Since Mother Teresa was announced as a saint there had been a lot of books available on her life and work.  Hence this will be a feeble attempt alongside of all those.  Our family came to know mother in 1978 when Mother came to Yemen with her two nuns to start a home in Sanaa.  It so happenned that they were both from Kerala - Sister Thomas and Sister Cherian - which also was my state.  There were no churches in Sanaa (or even in all North Yemen) other than the International Christian Fellowship which met in the American embassy where I was the Moderator which started only in 1974.  It included all christian groups from all over the world Ethiopia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, America, Canada, Australia etc. Etc.  I had also a separate service meant solely for the Syrian Christian Community from Kerala which met in my house.  As such I was also the President of the Indian Association and of the Malayalee Associans in that city.  So it was natural that these nuns sought me out as they needed lot of initial help.  They did not have an established home there yet.  Mother Teresa became an honored guest in my house.  My wife was of similar mindset as Mother.  Wherever we have been working - Ethiopia, Ghana, Jamaica, Sudan etc-  she got involved in the programs for the deaf and blind in those countries. So this was her open gate in Yemen.  She immeadiately invited all the Ambassodors and the Government authorities in the city to meet Mother Teresa over a dinner when Mother explained her plans in that country and solicited their help.  Thus she became a constant visitor to our house till I left the country in 1980.


Though Mother Teresa may not be considered as a theologian as is normally understood, her understanding of "God as the Father of all mankind and her emphais on God's love as expressed through Jesus on the cross" is shown through life.  In Indian terminology, She is a Karma Yogi who preaches through her actions. It does not matter whether they are Christians or non-Christians, Jesus still loves them and his death is still payment for their sins too whether they know it or not. Christians are the elect called out for the purpose of redemption of all the world.  Mother believed that the service of alleviating pain and suffering is best done by identifying with the sufferers. (Was that not what Jesus did?) That is exactly what she did. No one who has actually seen her in action can never question her sincerity nor her effectiveness. We remember her and thank God for what she had started here on earth.  Her work is not completed but it is still in action.



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