1.     The Vedic Religion

2.     The Problem of the Date of Vedas

3.    The Time Line of Dates and Development of Scriptures of   
 the   World

4.     The Significance of Sanskrit and its Development.

5.     Gods of Hinduism

6.     Development of the Concept of Monotheism, Karma and Reincarnation.

7.    Dates of Puranas and the Temples

8.     Rise of Rationalism and Atheistic Religious Movements as Reaction to Vedism.

9.   The Coming of Thomas.

10.  The Coming of the Gnostic Aryans: Manichean

11.  Trimurthy

12.  Vaishnavism

13 .    The concept of Avatar

14.  The Concept of Ages

15. Matsya Avatar

16.  Kurma Avatar

17.  Varaha Avatar

18. Narasimha Avatar

19.  Vamana Avatar

20.  Parasu Rama Avatar

21.  Sri Rama Avatar

22.  Bala Rama Avatar

23.  Buddha Avatar

24.  Krishna Avatar

25.  Gita as it Was

26.  Kalki Avatar

27.  Saivism

28.  Saktism

29.  Kalabhra Interregnum




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