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Christianity came to India within two decades of the Great Commission and the Pentecost through the Apostle Thomas who insisted on direct tangible verification of the Resurrection of Jesus.  Thomas was probably the first disciple who declared that Jesus was indeed Lord and God when he fell down and worshipped Jesus confessing "My Lord and My God".  In India from the time of Thomas, the word denoting God is "Jesus is Lord" which in Indian Language is Yesu Paran = Iswaran.  It is the name by which every Indian - Hindu and Christian every where - call upon God. That word denoting God is nowhere found before the Christian Era in any language.  Until then the word for God was Deva (Vedic) or Thevar (Dravidian). After his ministry in Northern India, Thomas landed in the Malabar coast in AD 52 and established the Church and ordained those who experienced the living resurrected Jesus in their life that were confirmed by signs and miracles.  This faith which were handed down by the eye witnesses were handed down through generations from fathers to their sons.

It is in the economy of God that, since God wanted children and not machines, in the creation process, he contracted himself to create space and then placed man in it with freedom to choose and to live in consonance with the purposes of creation as co-creators with Jesus, to be transformed into His likeness. Like Thomas himself, you cannot be confirmed unless you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and confess with your mouth that Jesus is also God which he proved himself through direct experience.  This direct experience of the power of the living Jesus is the basis of Christianity.

If you do not question the foundations of the faith and verify your faith through historical facts and finally experience the power of resurrection in your daily life; your faith cannot stand the test of time and its storms.

It is not an option, but a necessity so that you may go and bear much fruit.

As a scientist, I have gone through this heart rending process of search for the truth.  It is this truth I have tried to present in this book.  Hundreds of scientists and teachers had put in their heart and soul in this search.  I have only collected them together for those who are still striving to get that confirmation to say it loud "My Lord and My God"

San Jose, CA, USA
July, 2012