Angeparampil Geevarughese and Wife


Husband:   Angeparampil Geevarughese

Father: Matthan
Mother: Plamoottil Mariamma

Occupation: Merchant
Stayed in his mothers house for a long time  for education.  After marriage he settled in Kozhencheri Next to the Government Hospital at Angeparampil.
He brought all his brothers and they joined the Plamoottil Family.




Male  Child 1:   Thomas

Spouse: <NoName>
Children: <NoName>, <NoName>, <NoName>


Male  Child 2:   Cherian

Spouse: <NoName>
Children: <NoName>, <NoName>

Sold his properties in Kozhencheri and lived with their married children until death..

Male  Child 3:   Geevarughese

Spouse: Tiruvalla Thirumoolapuram Karippanseril Mariamma
Children: Mangatethu Varughese Mathai, Varughese Cherian, Mangatethu M.G.Varughese, M.G.Philip, Mariamma, Aleyamma, Annamma, Rahelamma


Male  Child 4:   Peelipose

Spouse: Elanthoor Pallivathukal Aleyamma, Mulakuzha Vadakkanethu Aleyamma
Children: C.P.Mathew, Mariamma, Saramma, Annamma, Aleyamma, Thankamma, Sosamma, C.P. George

Chempikara Poikayil