Geevarughese  Chennattu (Madathilparampil) Mammen and Aleyamma Chakkalamannil Thomas


Husband:   Geevarughese  Chennattu (Madathilparampil) Mammen

Died: 1086
Father: Ittiyavira Chennattu Geevarughese

Occupation: Bussiness in Kozhencheri
Mammen did bussiness in partnership with his brother Geevarughese Geevarughese.
He became very wealthy and bought properties in Mannarakulanji and Kozhencheri.

Wife:   Aleyamma Chakkalamannil Thomas



Male  Child 1:   Mammen Madathilparampil Varughese

Spouse: <NoName>

Occupation: took care of his fathers properties in Mannarakulanji.
Got married but  died without children. 

Female  Child 2:   Mariamma Madathilparampil Mammen

Spouse: Porattur
Children: Pennamma, Samuel, George, Annamma, Mammy, <NoName>


Female  Child 3:   Saramma Madathilparampil Mammen

Spouse: Kaipuraidom Abraham Mathai (Mathunny Saar)
Children: Dr. Abraham Kaipuridom, Achamma, Aleyamma Mathew, K.M. Mammen, K.M. Mathai, Dr. K.M. George, k.M Pennamma Kayamkulam, K.M. Mariamma


Male  Child 4:   Mammen Madathilparampil Mammen

Born: 26-Mar-1895
Died: 13-May-1969
Spouse: Mariam Ooriapadickal Cherian
Children: Thomas Madathilparampil Mammen, Aleyamma Thomas, Sosamma Thampy, Cherian Madathilparampil Mammen, George Madathilparampil Mammen, Mammen M.M. (Unnikunju), Abraham Madathilparampil Mammen, John Madathilparampil Mammen, Ninan Madathilparampil Mammen

Occupation: Banking (Left and took up)
Printing and Publishing
Kerala, India
Was declared a Partiot of the Indian Independence Struggle.
Sworn to wearing only Khadi -the hand woven raw cotton clothing - and Vegetarianism soon after the 1934 Quit India struggle and Salt Satyagrapha of Mahatma Gandhi
Met Sadhu Sunder Singh
Was the Representative of Sunday School Samajan in the Synod of Marthoma Church.
Excommunicated along with his wife Mariam for opposing undue importance to rituals and became one of the 300 people excomunicated from the Marthoma Church.  Started the Reconstituted Marthoma Church under St.Thomas Evangelical Church of India.  He became the first trustee of the STECI