Ninan Madathilparampil Mammen and Ponnamma Ninan (Sara)

Married 19-Nov-1959

Husband:   Ninan Madathilparampil Mammen

Born: 4-Aug-1934
Father: Mammen Madathilparampil Mammen
Mother: Mariam Ooriapadickal Cherian

Occupation: Professor of Physics
Was Professor of Physics in
Sudan, Yemen
Principal Hindustan Academy of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Bangalore.
Was the first Moderator of the International Christian Fellowship - the first Church after AD 600 in Yemen
Was one of the pioneers who started the Sudan Pentecostan Churches and the Sudan Theological College.

5708 Rudy Dr.
San Jose
CA 95124

Tel.  408-448-3385

Wife:   Ponnamma Ninan (Sara)

Born: 17-Apr-1934

5708 Rudy Dr.
San Jose
CA 95124

Tel.  408-448-3385

Female  Child 1:   Premeela Mariam Morton

Born: 28-Feb-1961
Spouse: Ronald Anthony Morton (Ronnie)
Children: Priyanka Rebecca Morton, Tarun Yohann Morton

Occupation: Professor
Special Education
203 Park D'Crescent
14 Hutchins Road
Cooke Town
Bangalore - 560005

Male  Child 2:   Neil Ninan Mammen (Anil)

Born: 19-May-1962
Spouse: Anna Kent Mammen


Female  Child 3:   Preethy Susan Mathew

Born: 3-Sep-1967
Spouse: Charley  Mathew

Occupation: Architect
639 B2 Beacons Court
Salem harbor Apartments
PA 18020

Male  Child 4:   Ajit Varghese Ninan

Born: 29-Mar-1972
Spouse: Jennifer Reece