Geevarughese Chennattu Abraham Male

Died: 1963   died at th age of 63

Occupation: Estate Owner

Comments: After doing bussiness with his father he moved to Mannarakulanji to take care of the estates.

Geevarughese Chennattu's Family

Spouse: Mariamma Kuruvila married  
Children: Mary, George, Achamma, Kunjamma, Annamma, Baby Elisuba, Pappachen C.A Kuruvilla, Chennattu Abraham Abraham, Chennattu Abraham John

Geevarughese Chennattu's Heritage

Parents: Geevarughese   Chennattu Geevarughese, Karimpumannil Varughese Mariamma
Siblings: Geevarughese Chennattu Valiyakunju, Geevarughese Chennattu John, <NoName>