Geevarughese   Chennattu Geevarughese Male

Died: 1117    

Comments: 1100 divided his  propoerties to his children and went and lived with his grandson George in Kozhencheri
Died at the age of 83 in 1117

Geevarughese   Chennattu's Marriage #1

Spouse: Valeyelil  Mathai Mariamma married 1091

Geevarughese   Chennattu's Marriage #2

Spouse: Karimpumannil Varughese Mariamma married  
Children: Geevarughese Chennattu Valiyakunju, Geevarughese Chennattu Abraham, Geevarughese Chennattu John, <NoName>

Geevarughese   Chennattu's Heritage

Parents: Ittiyavira Chennattu Geevarughese, <NoName>
Siblings: <NoName>, <NoName>, <NoName>, <NoName>, Gevarughese Chennattu Ithac, Geevarughese  Chennattu (Madathilparampil) Mammen, Mariamma