Ittiyavira Chennattu Geevarughese Male

Occupation: Was a breeder of cattle and a banker (Lender)

Comments: 7 sons and 1 daughter
4 sons died before coming to age

Ittiyavira Chennattu's Family

Spouse: <NoName> married  
Children: <NoName>, <NoName>, <NoName>, <NoName>, Gevarughese Chennattu Ithac, Geevarughese  Chennattu (Madathilparampil) Mammen, Geevarughese   Chennattu Geevarughese, Mariamma

Ittiyavira Chennattu's Heritage

Parents: Plamottil Pallathara Ittiyavira II, <NoName>
Siblings: Ittiyavira  Pallatharayil Ittiyavira III, Ittiyavira  Palakotharayail Kuruvilla