Perumal Geevarughese Male

Died: 30-Sep-1962    

Occupation: Farmer Land Lord

Comments: Perumal was tall and well built Farmer land Lord.  He was a great believer and lavishly gave to other people.  He was a prayer warrior
Died at the age of 75

Perumal's Family

Spouse: Kozhencheri Paalakothu Peediakayil Kochunju Annamma married  
Children: Mariamma (Kunjamma) Geevarughese, Sosamma (Thankamma) Geevarughese, Annamma (Kunjunjamma) Geevarughese, ALeyamma (Podiamma) Geevarughese, T.V.George Geevarughese, T.V.Samuel Geevarughese, T.V.Thomas (Ponnachen) Geevarughese, Abraham Geevarughese, T.V.Mathew Achen Kunju

Perumal's Heritage

Parents: Tholupparampil Oommen Perumal (Mootha Kunju), Vanchitra Thoovon Mariamma
Siblings: Annamma, Perumal Oommen (Thomas), Perumal Kurien (Ununni), T.P.Perumal