Moothakunju Ittiyera Male

Died:     died at the age of 75

Occupation: Hill Produce aantnd Spice Merch

Comments: When his father died he took care of the younger children.
He stayed at the Kudumbam and younger children moved out after their marriage

Moothakunju's Family

Spouse: <NoName> married  
Children: Thundyil Kuruvilla Ittiyera, Thollayirakuzhyil Koshy, Ponganaal Mathai Ittiyera, Annamma Ittiyera

Moothakunju's Heritage

Parents: Pongnaal Koshy Ittiyera, Kaipttur Poovannalil Saramma
Siblings: Ittiyera, Ittiyera, Ittiyera, Ittiyera, <NoName>, Ittiyera