Thomas Ittiyera Male

Died: 5-Jul-1957   Died at the age of 76

Comments: Father died when Youngest daughter Mariamma was 1 1/2 years old.  Mother died soon after.  so Thomas took care of the family

Thomas's Family

Spouse: Mangalam Mundayam Ipe Saramma married  
Children: P.T.Oommen Ittiyera, P.T.Varughese Ittiyera, P.T.Sosamma Ittiyera, P.T.Mariamma Ittiyera, P.T.Annamma Ittiyera, P.T.Aleyamma Ittiyera, P.T.Saramma Ittiyera

Thomas's Heritage

Parents: Plamoottil Oommen Ittiyera, Masnnanam Uppikeril Cherian Achiamma
Siblings: Cherian (Kavil Unny) Ittiyera, Varughese Kavil Ittiyera, Mathai Ittiyera, Phillip (Kochu Peele) Ittiyera, Annamma Ittiyera, Mariamma Ittiyera