Thomas Madathilparampil Mammen Male

Born: 15-May-1914
Died: 3-Dec-1996   Was Chairman of the World Council of Churches
One of the pioneers of the World Ecuminical Movement
Chairman of the Chistian Institute of Society and Religion, Bangalore.
Visiting Professor in Princeton Theological Seminary and many others.

Occupation: Theologian

Thomas Madathilparampil's Family

Spouse: Elizabeth Kurien married  
Children: Symala  Mary Thomas, Mammen (Thambi), Kurien Thomas

Thomas Madathilparampil's Heritage

Parents: Mammen Madathilparampil Mammen, Mariam Ooriapadickal Cherian
Siblings: Aleyamma Thomas, Sosamma Thampy, Cherian Madathilparampil Mammen, George Madathilparampil Mammen, Mammen M.M. (Unnikunju), Abraham Madathilparampil Mammen, John Madathilparampil Mammen, Ninan Madathilparampil Mammen