V.G.Thomas (Oonnunni) Male

Died:     Died back in Kerala at the age of 60 due to Diabetes

Occupation: Editor Mlayalam patram, Trivandrum
Advisor to dindigal Semindar
Advisor to Singampetti Semindar
Divan of singampetty

Comments: He was exiled from Kerala by Sri Moolam Thriunal Maharaja for his part in the struggle for justice

V.G.Thomas (Oonnunni)'s Family

Spouse: Dr.Annamma married  
Children: George Thomas, Baby, <NoName>, <NoName>

V.G.Thomas (Oonnunni)'s Heritage

Parents: Kottakkattuparampil Oommen Geevarughese (Asan), Ayroor Cherukara Rahel
Siblings: Mariamma Geevarughese (Asan), Annamma Geevarughese (Asan), Saramma Geevarughese (Asan), P.G.Mathew (Kunju Mathai), P.G.Abraham Geevarughese (Asan), P.G.Samuel Geevarughese (Asan)