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Attributes of God and Predestination In the traditional arguments for Predestination is the irrefutable presentation through the attributes of God. What are these attributes? Are they viable? Are there errors? Are there alternatives?

Predestiantion through History The development of the concept of predestiantion through history through the thoughts of early fathers.

Some Quotes Some interesting quotations from both view points.

Classifications of Models An attempt to classify the various models for freewill and predestination with a possible new model.

Science and Predestination The philiosphical and scientific understanding of the period of reformation was based on the mechanical model of the cosmos. The concept of predestiantion was the result of the thought pattern of the period of renaisance.

Romans 9 and Predestination An analysis of Romans 9 to see what Paul is really driving at. Does it really teach unconditional election and predestination?

The value of the Doctrine of Predestination What are the consequence of the doctrine of predestiantion to the life of a person? Does it edify, build or destroy?

Prophecy and Predestination What about Prophecy. If history is not predetermined how can prophecy come to pass?