Budhism began as an existential philosophy within the context of Hindusim. There is no concept of God within the system. The reality of the existence of matter, cosmos and consciousness iare the only present known fact. That alone is taken into account. As such there is no concept of sin in terms of God. Sin is that which causes suffering for man. Buddha formulated the Noble Eightfold Path to Nirvana where there will be neither joy nor sorrow. Here is the summary of his teachings:

Eightfold Noble Path


This means knowing the Four Noble Truths .The First Noble Truth is the knowledge that ALL that has been CREATED is IMPERMANENT. And whatever is impermanent is inherently ILL. And what is impermanent and ill is SELFLESS.

Two is the knowledge that the arising of ill is based on ignorance and it is perpetuated by the craving and intoxication for sensuality and sensations, becoming and rebecoming, delusion and ignorance.

Three is the knowledge that the CEASING of this ill that has arisen, the stopping of all future becomings, is Nirvana. True Reality realized, freed of this ill.

Four is the knowledge of the Eightfold Noble Path that leads to the cessation of this ill and to winning the goal: Nirvana. True Permanent State of Self, Permanent Changeless Absolute Reality ITSELF, Suchness, Perfect Wisdom.

This means to aspire to attain realization of Perfect Wisdom, the Ultimate True Permanent Reality. To abstain from all evil acts of thought. To attain the total destruction of all cravings. To renounce all manifesting, all constructions, all that is 'created' make-believe.

To abstain from all lying speech, all perjurious speech, all evil abusive speech and all frivolous speech.

To abstain from all killing of all creatures. To abstain from all stealing. To abstain from all sensual and sexual misconduct. To abstain from all evil acts. To abstain from all forms of intoxication.

To abstain from all evil ways of living; to abstain from all evil methods of livelihood.

In loving kindness for ALL Beings, compassion and pity for ALL creatures

To grow revulsion for the world, seeing it for the decaying creation that it is, and to grow dispassion, total detachment, calm, tranquility, seeing that everything is not Self. To disregard all that is perceived, remaining aloof from both the pleasures as well as the pains arising from the creation of senses and sensuality.

The Seven Links of Enlightenment
to cultivate begin with MINDFULNESS, contemplating body and feelings, mind and mental states, thought and ideas, ardent, clearly conscious of them and mindful of them so as to control the covetousness and dejection common in the world; followed by INVESTIGATION of the Dharma, learning and remembering the doctrine that leads to True Reality, the Uncreated; followed by ENERGY of effort; followed by ZEST; then TRANQUILITY; then CONCENTRATION; and finally EQUANIMITY.

The Five Controlling Factors are: The Power of Faith, the Power of Energy, the Power of Mindfulness, the Power of Concentration, and the Power of Insight.

The Basis of Psychic Power are the features of Desire, Energy, Thought and Investigation, together with the co-factors of Concentration and Struggle, with the focus of will: 'I WILL win, attain, realize and abide in Nirvana, the Deathless, the Unborn, True Permanent Absolute Reality Realized, right here and right now.' And the practice that leads to the cultivation of Psychic Power to win the goal is the Eightfold Noble Path.

The Three Controlling Faculties are: The Consciousness that says: I shall know the unknown, the Unborn, the Uncreated, ALL of what is to be known, THE True Permanent State of Reality; then followed by the Consciousness of Knowing; and then followed by the Consciousness of One who HAS the knowing.

The True Permanent State of Reality is Nirvana, THAT which is the Unborn, the Unmade, the Unmanifested, the Not-Made, the Unconditioned, the Truth, the Uncreated, the Unconstructed, the Not-Created, the Subtle, the Stable, the Undecaying, the Unaging, the Undying, the Deathless, the Taintless, the Peace, the Bliss, the Purity, the Excellent, the Perfection and Grandeur of Wisdom, the State of Freedom from Ill, the Release from Ill, the Nameless, the Serenity and Purity of Absolute Changeless Reality ITSELF, the Norm, the Wonderful, the Goal, the REAL.

In short, THE END what always was, not compounded, permanent and IS with ALL that has been CREATED, compounded, impermanent and fleeting, CEASING TO BE. Existence, with its realms of sense, form and formlessness, the physical universe and all realms from the hells to the heavens ARE ALL CONSTRUCTIONS.

Sin, sufferring, death and life are all transient and are illusions. To get out of this illusion is Moksha, the salvation. Since there is nothing beyond, slavation is actually annihilation or non-existence. This is achieved therefore by our own efforts through the faculties which in themselves are illusions.If a man want to escape permanently the pain, anguish and suffering, and continuous cycle of rebirth, struggle, anguish, decay, dying and death, and all the future pain and peril that go with it, you follow the exit sign. The choice of when to escape is the decision of each Being.


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