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The Doctrine of Total Depravity


Here is the doctrine of total depravity in a nut shell.
"Man is bad,
but: he is not that bad,
but: he really is bad."

That means,
(1) man is a sinner; but
(2) he is not nearly as sinful in actual practice as he could be. However,
(3) he is really is a totally depraved sinner in the sight of God.


1. Total depravity does not mean that man is without a conscience or any sense of right and wrong.

John 8:9 Romans 2:14,15

2. Total Depravity does not mean that every sinner is devoid of all of the qualities that are both pleasing to men and useful to society when those qualities are judged only by a human standard.

3. We are not saying that every sinner is prone to every form of sin. Matthew 23:23

4. We are not saying that every sinner is as intense as he can be in his sin. Genesis 15:16 ; 2 Timothy 3:13 .


1. Total depravity means that every sinner, is destitute or without that love to God which constitutes the fundamental and all-inclusive demand of God's law. Matthew 22:35-38

2. Total Depravity means that every sinner is guilty of elevating some lower affection or desire above regard for God, His Law, and the Gospel. 2 Timothy 3: 4 ; Malachi 1:6

3. That "something else" that men love is an idol called "self" or "me." 2 Tim. 3:2 ; John 3:19

4. Total Depravity means that every sinner is possessed with a nature, inherited from Adam's fall, that is completely hostile toward God. " Romans 8:7 ; I John 5:3.

5. By Total Depravity, we mean that every part of man's being and nature has been effected by
sin. Romans 6:17


A: An unregenerated sinner may come to Christ for salvation, but an unregenerated sinner cannot come to Christ in true repentance and true faith until he is first born of the Spirit.

B: Adam is the only man that ever had a "free will" and he lost it. .

C. Every sinner is "free" (is at liberty as a free moral agent) to obey God's commandments but he cannot.

D. No sinner is "free" (has the moral ability) to obey God's commandments but he cannot.

E. The sinner, not God, is responsible for his spiritual inability

F. Man is only as free as his own sinful nature permits He can sin more and more.